Aylin Erman

Aylin Erman

I am creator and daily blogger for GlowKitchen. I currently live in Istanbul, Turkey and work in the publishing world. For the past four years, I've become increasingly more interested in health foods and the challenge of preparing mouth-watering meals without the disclaimer. I've spent summers interning and working in NYC's health scene and have recently become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. In addition to Greatist, I contribute weekly recipes to EcoSalon and monthly video recipes toVegNews' TV channel. My interest in health originates mostly from my father's love of cooking and his heart disease. While I grew up learning traditional techniques from him, later I had to keep a stiff eye on what was going into each dish. My hobby increasingly strengthened as I reached young adulthood and had spent time traveling as well as had lived for extended periods of time in the German countryside and a small seaside village in Turkey, where local and pure eating come with the territory. Spending time in the kitchen has always been a creative and exciting process, especially with the added challenge of wanting to honor health. GlowKitchen is a direct result of me being the kind of person who rarely eats out and loves to wind down in the kitchen with a nutritious and satisfying meal.


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