Ashley Diamond

Ashley Diamond

Favorite splurge food: 16 Handles Go-to fitness routine: I absolutely love clearing my head or catching up with a good friend through running. But, if I'm trying to spice things up I'll head over to Uplift Fitness for Michelle's Work It Circuit class! Favorite way to de-stress: Sometimes, after a long week, there is nothing better than a long Epsom salt bath enjoyed with a copy of my favorite magazine and a glass of Chardonnay. Why I’m a greatist: The definition of greatist is a person who makes healthier choices and inspires others to do the same. Each day I do my best to find balance and moderation in the city that never sleeps while balancing the roles of wife, friend, co-worker, and blogger. Knowing that I have such a strong support system of friends, family, GREATIST ambassadors, and readers definitely makes it easier though!
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