Andrew Kalley

Andrew Kalley

Andrew Kalley became a personal trainer in 2002 and a USA triathlon coach in 2006. He has a B.S. in Sports Management, a NASM CPT Certification, and a USAT Level II Triathlon Coaching Certification. Andrew has always been active. He grew up playing hockey and wrestled throughout high school. It wasn’t until he left for college in Missouri that he discovered his passion for personal training. His career started with a background in bodybuilding and strength training. Once he returned to New York City in 2006, he fell in love with triathlons. He is triathlon coach for Full Throttle Endurance, and a competitive athlete. Andrew’s strong athletic background made a career in health and fitness a natural choice. Empowering and enabling others to reach their fitness goals motivates him and inspires him to take his skills to the next level. Learn more at Kalley Fitness.My biggest weakness is… Swimming. As a triathlete, I could improve the most in the swim. It is the area that affects my times the worst. I am interested in learning more about… the long-term effects of supplements on the body. I am not a huge advocate of supplements other than multivitamins and protein. There are thousands of products with very misleading information and I fear the negative affects they could have on the body. As a general rule I rarely recommend supplements to clients and athletes. At the end of the day nothing can beat a clean diet and regular exercise.
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