Amber Williford

Amber Williford

Favorite splurge food: Chicken nachos Go-to fitness routine: I usually change up my fitness routine every few months, but my go-to routine is a mix of 3 days of high intensity cardio and 4 days of lifting weights using an upper and lower body split routine. Favorite way to de-stress: My favorite ways to de-stress are getting in the gym and lifting as heavy as I can while listening to some good tunes, relaxing in the sauna, and Pinteresting. Those always help to clear my mind! Why I'm a greatist: I am a greatist because I have a serious passion for living a healthy lifestyle and sharing my journey with others. I want to share with the world that eating healthy foods do not have to be boring, they can be fun and taste delicious! I also want to inspire more women to get into the weight room and build the body of their dreams. I love to create healthy allergy friendly recipes, blog about my health journey, read up on the latest in fitness news, push myself in the gym, connect with other fitness-minded people and inspire others to live healthy life!
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