Aaron Lautman

Aaron Lautman

I've been personal training for four years and owned my private gym for one in San Francisco. I was born in New York, High School in Dominican Republic, College at Belmont University, Nashville Tenn. Also, played pro baseball for the Boston Red Sox Minor League system. I believe exercise and a physical lifestyle should be considered as important as your job and paying bills and needs to be incorporated into everyones day to day lives. Without a sharp mind and strong body life is only half as good as it could be and people will never reach their full potential. My most troublesome weakness is... Gummy Candy. Sour worms, sour bears, gummy worms, mike and ikes, sour watermelon, and sour peaches. I mean are you kidding me with how good those things are?! I'm looking forward to learning more about... I would love to learn more about therapeudic rehabilitation. All muscles, joints and bones must be in proper condition to exercise with efficiently. Helping people rehab would be as rewarding as helping someone lose their goal weight.
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