New Year's Resolutions

Renew Year may be winding down, but that doesn't mean challenging yourself to make healthy changes needs to end.
GUEST POST: One month into the New Year, author Jeff Olson has some practical advice on taking tiny steps to achieve our biggest resolutions and goals year-round.
Renew Year Tuesday
Weight machines are awesome, but today's Renew Year challenge is about trying something even more awesome. Do you feel the burn yet?
Renew Year Wednesday
Fear your inbox no more. Today's Renew Year challenge is all about a simple click that can drastically improve your day.
Renew Year Tuesday
Today's Renew Year challenge is all about stepping away from public transit and using a nifty tool instead. (Hint: It's part of your body.)
Renew Year Monday
Start your week off strong by stepping away from the chip bag and trying today's Renew Year Challenge instead.


Resolutions and goals are as much about internal mental states as the external goal. Learn how to reframe your mindset for maximum success.

Renew Year Friday
Let the chugging contest commence! This Renew Year challenge is all about drinking — water, that is.
Renew Year Sunday
End the week strong with our Sunday Renew Year task. Check out what it is!
Renew Year Wednesday
Do a little good (and feel awesome in the process!) during today's Renew Year task.

A New Year brings New Year's Resolutions. We're planning on keeping 'em, no matter what Mark Twain says.

Renew Year Saturday
Don't ask how we fit Buddy the Elf into today's Renew Year challenge, but we did, and we promise you'll like it. (After you're finished, anyway.)