You know what feels good? Checking lazy at the door and busting out a quick but killer core workout. This 14-minute abs routine is tough but will build serious core strength. 

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This workout features nine different plank variations, which target every inch of your midsection, including the deep, side, and back core muscles. You'll perform a combination of static and dynamic moves to build strength and keep up your heart rate. We're not saying it's easy (you'll get a few breaks along the way!), but it's definitely worth it. Just grab an exercise mat to get started. 

To recap: You can do this workout anywhere, no equipment needed. Each move will be performed for 20 seconds. 

Plank With Hip Circles
Plank Jack

3-Point Plank
Starfish Plank
3-Point Toe Touch

Side Plank
Side Plank With Dip
Thread The Needle

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