Meditating hand
A regular meditation practice can make practitioners smarter and less stressed, and can boost their immune systems and attention spans. Try it for 10 minutes a day.
One True Love
Find out how you can experience love, warmth, and cuddliness this Valentine’s Day and every day for the rest of your life (no boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, wife, husband, required).
Forget the wine and sexy lingerie. This February 14th, try focusing on all the ways our platonic pals make us happy and healthy.

Does love at first sight really exist? How much sex is too much sex? We've rounded up our top stories on all things love, sex, and romance to give you everything you want and need to know.

valentine's day cards-river
Why just wish your nearest and dearest a Happy Valentine's Day when you can give them one with our awesomely punny cards? Donut say we didn't warn you!
Long-distance relationships just got way more touchy-feely thanks to BOND, a Bluetooth-powered device that sends vibrating “touches” between pairs of users.


Looking for a little extra love this Valentine’s Day? We’ve dug deep to find out if aphrodisiacs really do the trick behind closed doors.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court overruled DOMA and Proposition 8, two longstanding obstacles for same-sex couples. What are the larger repercussions of this monumental decision?

Get close and cozy or give each other some space? Living together can change a relationship for the good and bad.

Want to lose the love of your life? Didn’t think so. Avoid these bad habits that could harm a happy relationship.

It happened to Cinderella and Prince Charming, so it can happen to us too, right? Find out if love at first sight is just for fairy tales.

There have been laughable dates, periodic tears, and lots of people who feel sorry for me. Here’s how I learned to cope with being single when (almost) everyone else my age had already paired off.