Spend a hot day outside and you're bound to see plenty of men without a shirt on, exposing their nipples to the world. But if women do the same thing, people get up in arms. They gasp. They gawk. And that's exactly why GoTopless Day exists. 

Yesterday, men and women in dozens of cities across the country marched with their nipples on display to point out the ridiculous double standard: We don't care if men go shirtless in public, but if women don't cover up, they could be fined or arrested in many places. 

Check out photos from the marches below. The irony? You won't see any female nipples here. Instagram and Facebook deem that explicit content, which can't be posted on their platforms. So, yeah, we still have a lot of work to do before we get to true topless equality. 

#Repost @gotopless.org1 ・・・ Gotopless.org Day in Corpus Christi Texas

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@Instagram (NOTE SHE IS WEARING A PASTY!) #Female #topless-ness is legal in #Ontario, #Canada, but exists in a socially non-permissive space. Military science gives an uncertain environment as one in which friendly personnel do not have totally effective control of the territory and population. The battlespace is not hostile per se, as opposing forces also do not have total control, but there is contention. A woman walking topless is best advised to go wearing #arms, accompanied by friendly #citizens, ready to cite the #law in writing as it applies to her lack of garb, recording video, for she is all but certain to encounter questions at best, and attack at worst. With regard to this, the observation of #GoToplessDay serves a similar function as when #civilians grant a military unit "freedom of the city", or as when #queer citizens and their #allies march in a #pride #parade. It is an overt declaration of intention to peacefully share space with others who are not like you - but to defend yourself if necessary. Freedom of the city differs somewhat from GTD and Pride, because one group of people (civilians) allows another group (soldiers) to do something. The right to march is only exercised once granted, whereas at Pride and GTD, that right is asserted, backed by threat and reality of force at need. This is because in Canada, the military serves the #people, and is subordinate to their will, whereas queer and female citizens are of the people, equal to all others. Yet even with this key difference, the similarity cannot be ignored. Freedom of the city is a statement of #courage, from both sides: "We are not afraid to walk these streets." "We are not afraid to have you walk these streets."

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