Supermarkets today look more like art museums with beautiful piles of perfectly shaped, shiny produce. But our flat-out refusal to buy misshapen or damaged fruits and veggies creates a major problem: Nearly half of the produce grown in the U.S. is wasted. Much of the fresh food that doesn't make it to store shelves is deemed too ugly to sell.

That's ridiculous. It doesn't matter if a cucumber is shaped like a "U" or a bell pepper has a curlicue popping out from the stem. They taste the same. We talk a lot about body positivity: Now it's time to talk about produce positivity. Here are some shapely examples: 

I've found Nemo in my garden. Love the beautiful #imperfections #foodgrowing #strawberries #uglyfruit #zerofoodwaste

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We found Nemo! 

Ugly bugger #uglyfruit

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Is it just us or does this orange look like a turtle? 

Certified Organic Gargantuan Eureka Lemons are also in stock on our website! Not many people realize that lemon trees produce a huge variety of sizes, not just what you see in stores. Pictured here is a "normal" sized lemon next to a jumbo sized one. Massive lemons such as these have carried a stigma of being mostly peel and having little to no juice; we are proud to say that this is not the case with our colossal lemons! Our super-sized lemons are heavy with juice, have an abundant amount of delicate zest, and have only an average amount of pith and peel. They're perfect for #juicing and making #limoncello #supportuglyfruit #sizedoesntmatter #uglyfruit #familyfarm #organicproduce #certifiedorganic #whenlifegivesyoulemons #makelimoncello #makelemonade #rsorganics

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A bigger lemon means more lemonade. How can that be a bad thing?

This pepper’s hair is on fleek.

C’mon, man. Show a spud some love.

It's a Ucumber 😂 #uglyproduce

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It’s a u-cumber! 

It's a pity you'd pass over this peach.

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