Child's pose feels pretty damn awesome for everyone—no matter your body type. But when Danish illustrator Marie Jørgensen tried to buy a poster of yoga poses, she found only ones with the stereotypical yoga body (long, lean, and likely white). 

So Jørgensen set out to create her own yoga prints that show naked yogis (with #nofilter for body hair or stomach rolls) of all different shapes and sizes. These adorable illustrations are a fun way to celebrate yoga, while also serving as a reminder that every body is a yoga body. 

Here are some of our favorites: 

#Titibhasana or #fireflypose requested by @minaminers a little while ago. It took me a while to make this one because I redrew it 1 million times😊 It's not only difficult to do (I most certainly cannot do this pose) It's also difficultly to draw in a way that you believe in the physics of the pose and the anatomy of the body.. My sketches kept looking impossible - until I realized that it is the pose itself that just looks impossible😎 so I used one of @minaminers photos for reference. She's a talented photographer and yogi which is a great combination, her IG gallery is very original and different from the average yoga account. Check her out. #armbalance #yogaeverydamnday #thisiswhatayogilookslike #bodypositive #yogaillustration #yogaart #watercolor #artbymajor #yogaprints

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Obsessed with muscles these days 💪 #muscles #meditation #yogapose #samastitihi #yogaillustration #thisiswhatayogilookslike #artbymajor

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