Are You Ready to Overshare?

In our newest section, Overshare, we’re stripping away the filters to take an honest look at what mental health, relationships, and life in general really look like for 20- and 30-somethings today. We’re looking for strong writers from all different backgrounds to share their personal experiences, as well as the little-known—and often surprising—lessons they learned along the way. Why? Because we’re all trying to figure sh*t out, and being inspired by others’ vulnerability, bravery, and humor reminds us we’re not alone.

Topics We Regularly Cover:

Mental health (loneliness, anxiety, depression, stress)
Relationships of all kinds (love, dating, friends, family)
Body image and body positivity
Journeys about weight loss and gain, or generally getting healthier

Topics We Occasionally Cover:

Career; work/life balance; productivity
Struggles with substance abuse
Social media and technology

Types of Stories

1. Personal Essays

Incredibly honest, detailed first-person stories about the tough, everyday stuff you’ve struggled with (and maybe still do). Rather than pretending to have all the answers, writers will show how they are making strides, both small and large, to reach a place that’s satisfying, healthy, and good for them. These are not the shiny, before-and-after stories with perfectly happy endings that you see in women’s magazines.  


What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Losing a Lot of Weight
Why I Ran a Marathon, Qualified for Boston, and May Never Race Again

What It's Really Like to Work Out for the First Time Ever as an Adult
No One Would’ve Called Me an Alcoholic, but Giving Up Drinking Changed My Life

2. Voice-y Lists

These provide a fresh (and sometimes lighter) take on a wide range of health and wellness topics—from dating to depression to running a 5K. Writers will use their voices and/or senses of humor to translate their experience(s) with a topic into a smart list of all the things you need to know about it.


12 Things You Don’t Need to Have Figured Out by Age 30
14 Awesome Life Milestones People Should Celebrate, but Don't
How to Make Yourself Feel 1,000 Times Worse After a Breakup

How to Submit a Pitch

Please submit the following to pitches[@]  

  • A potential title for your story in the subject line (i.e., not just “Pitch”)
  • One clear, concise paragraph explaining your idea and a general sense of the story structure (this should also help us get a feel for your writing style)
  • A one-sentence takeaway you hope readers will learn from your story
  • Links to any published stories (preferably first-person)
  • Any personal photos or examples of GIFs/media to illustrate your story (if applicable)

The fine print: Rates start at $125. First drafts should be no more than 1,000 words and should be submitted via Google Docs. Payment will be made by the 15th (or the next business day) of the month following the month in which Greatist receives an invoice. Upon payment to contributor, Greatist owns all rights in perpetuity, including the ability to republish or revise as deemed necessary. 

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