Instagram's infamous nipple policy mostly rubs people the wrong way. There's something really unfair about the fact that men's nipples are allowed in all contexts, while women's nipples are almost always banned. What's up with that?!

That's exactly what the creators of Genderless Nipples, an Instagram account dedicated to—you guessed it—nipples, want you to ask. Since all the photos show nipples that are hairless, hard, and zoomed in, Instagram won't be able tell which nipples belong to women and which belong to men. Basically, they won't know which photos to ban. Would you?

My nipple isn't sexual, your thoughts are. 🤘🏼💫

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Listen to the people who encourage you to what you know in your heart is right. 💛

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There is nothing wrong with your body, but there is a lot which tries to convince you otherwise.

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We can't tell the difference. And apparently, neither can Instagram.

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