Internal Roundup

Happy day-before-Cinco-de-Mayo! Check out the latest and greatest content in the health and fitness world (and a margarita recipe for celebration's sake!).

This week, we're taking honey away from the hive and flavoring some sweet and savory dishes (like honey dijon broccoli salad!).

This week, we've scoured the web to find some healthy, delicious (and not to mention stunningly gorgeous) cakes.

Spring has arrived! Along with ditching the treadmill for outdoor bodyweight workouts, we're getting our sweat on indoors to spring clean the Greatist way. And with the change of seasons, we're asking how decision making affects choices about our health.
This week we've got plenty of reasons to smile. Check out some photos, stories, and videos that had an instant smile effect.
It's Easter, and that means delicious food, Easter egg hunts, and lots of chocolate for many. Check out how to have a healthier weekend with the best in health and fitness coverage.


Chanukah is wrapping up and Christmas is almost here, but there's still time to make gifts! Make sure to check out our DIY gift guide, then get caught up on the news in health and fitness.

Sprinter Bigstock_river
This week we've got some awesome recipes involving Greek yogurt and a toaster oven (separately). We've also got a step-by-step guide to setting fitness goals and making them happen.

It's week 3 of the #zensperiment. Read how we meditated as a team, and check out the chocolate chip cookies we made together on our retreat. Get pumped for the 74 (count 'em!) ways to make your pizza healthier.

Holiday parties are in full stride. We've got last minute recipes, and a portion guide for party snacks (eek, the pictures speak for themselves). Make sure to check out this weeks best in health, fitness, and happiness.

This week we've got tons of recipes (be sure to check out our alternatives for breakfast staples) plus the truth about the often talked down upon carbohydrates.

Fall has arrived! This week we've rounded up 53 sneaky ways to pump pumpkin into any meal, and we've got a ton of fun ways to exercise with friends!