Injury Prevention

Running Tips: How to Prevent Blisters

Bad blisters are enough to keep even the most determined runners from hitting the pavement for a while. Here's the need-to-know on how to prevent, treat, and even pop those pesky suckers—the safe way.

Everyone knows runners are a little, well, different. So it's no surprise they have a language all their own. Read on to learn the difference between a PR and a BQ, and just what the heck a fartlek is!

Strength Training for Runners

What’s the key to staying injury-free? Running coach Jason Fitzgerald breaks down why strength training is so important for runners, the best exercises, and how to fit a resistance routine into a busy schedule.

How to Prevent Running Injuries
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Even professional cooks make (painful) mistakes in the kitchen. Here’s what we can learn from Giada de Laurentiis’s Thanksgiving knife accident.
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From high-school all-stars to olympic medalists, athletes of all types turn to athletic tape to help cure injuries of all types. Here's why.

The road to healing an injury often involves being poked, prodded, and even shocked. Greatist sorts through the most popular physical therapy methods that help you feel, look, and move better.

Taking time to stretch isn’t a luxury— it’s a necessity. But that doesn’t mean we’ve all got the time and space to do it. Try these quick and easy stretches that can be done anywhere, anytime.

No one thinks about sports injuries — until they get one. In today’s Greatist Podcast, you’ll hear from Greatist Expert Eugene “Bo” Babenko on the tips and tricks you need to enjoy your favorite activities without hurting yourself.

Bruise like a peach? Find out how to know if those black and blue marks are a more serious health concern or if it’s just klutziness to blame.

Not sure when to replace your running sneakers? A new device tracks how many miles you’ve run in them, so you don't have to.