Awesome Healthy Meal Ideas to Master

When you hear talk of healthy eating, you may have an instinctual response to flee in the other direction towards the donuts and away from the kale. But fear not, at Greatist we hook you up with only the tastiest of healthy recipes, that are not only quick and easy to prepare, but will have you coming back for seconds. Whether you’re looking for speedy healthy dinner recipes for a weeknight, a quick and nutritious snack, or a creative and fun dish to bring to your next dinner party, we’ve got tons of awesome healthy meal ideas that will show you that how nutritious can actually be delicious.

Maybe you’re looking for healthy recipes that are vegetarian or vegan, or maybe you need gluten-free ideas that don’t taste like cardboard, or you’re looking to check out the buzz of the paleo diet. Whatever type of healthy eating you have in mind, we’ve got it. And, yes, we even bring you plenty of healthy recipes for dessert, because you can still enjoy sweets when you eat smart.  If you’re looking to add more nutrition to your life, but don’t want to sacrifice the fun and flavor, we’ve got you covered at Greatist.

Awesome Healthy Meal Ideas

Whether you’re just starting to cook or want to expand your kitchen skills to include more clean eating recipes, we’ll walk you through all the ingredients you’ll need, the steps to take, and even help you envision your healthy recipes with bold and beautiful color photos. We also have printable and pin-able recipe cards to share with your friends or save for an upcoming meal.

Morning can be a tough time to find something that’s nutritious, but also tastes great and keeps you going until lunch. That’s why all of our healthy breakfast recipes are packed with ridiculously flavorful ingredients that will give you tons of energy to help you keep up your hustle. Start your day right with a burst of old school flavor and protein-packed nutrition with our PB&J Smoothie. Or maybe you’re looking for some savory brunch inspiration that’s actually good for you, then you’ll definitely want to check out our Sweet Potato and Egg Breakfast Hash.

And let’s not forget about healthy eating at lunchtime, that wonderful break in the day when you need to recharge your batteries. Get that fresh and clean feeling with our freakin’ delicious Kale and Arugula Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette or these rockin’ Summer Rolls with Red Curry Dipping Sauce. And if you’re looking for heartier fare, check out our healthier Burger Recipes.

You’ve been looking forward to dinner all day, but sometimes when the end of the workday rolls around you may feel daunted by the idea of tackling healthy dinner recipes. That’s why our flavor-packed healthy recipes are easy to fit into your busy schedule and make use of the season’s healthiest ingredients. Put this Grilled Lasagna in your life and you won’t regret it. Or brighten up your evening with the beautiful Vegetarian Arroz Tapado.

Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or nutritious snacks for all the times in between, Greatist dishes out tons of fast, flavorful and filling options. Healthy eating just got a whole lot easier and a whole lot tastier.

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