The clothing brand is stirring up controversy with images of plus-size model Jennie Runk. But what's the big deal? Weigh in here.

Was H&M Smart to Use a Plus-Size Swimsuit Model?

Jennie Runk Swedish retailer H&M has got the Internet abuzz with its recent swimsuit ads. What's all the hullaballoo about? The beachwear shots feature plus-size model Jennie Runk wearing "fuller sized" fashion.

We can't fail to mention that Runk looks pretty darn gorgeous. But the images of her walking the beach in a two-piece are gaining attention because she's technically larger than today's average catalog model, though some may say she's on the small side of plus-size. And considering the average American woman wears a size 14, it's pretty startling that some companies book size eight or size six women as their plus-size models.

Back in March, another Swedish department store, called Ahlens, stirred up controversy over body image. A photo of the clothing brand's lingerie-clad plus-size mannequins (taken in 2010) went viral. Some customers shared positive feedback about the larger mannequins, while others expressed concern over the brand condoning obesity. Whether displayed on a mannequin or real-life model, it's clear plus-sized women do exist, and do purchase clothing larger than a size zero. Now here's the controversy — should hiring a plus-size model even be news? It's apparent the discussion isn't ending any time soon.

Do you think H&M made the right move...
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