Introducing the #imagreatist campaign, an easy way to stay connected with people making better choices across the globe — and inspire others with your own.

Inspire and Inform the World: The #imagreatist Campaign

Health & fitness is hard. But it can be easier. At Greatist, we’re passionate about informing and inspiring people to make better choices. While those choices are different for everyone, a greatist is someone who chooses better to improve their fitness, health, and happiness.

But just because we all have unique journeys doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. So we created the #imagreatist campaign to keep greatists connected worldwide. Make a better choice this morning? Use the #imagreatist hash tag to tell the world about it on Twitter and Facebook. Whether it’s getting in a quick morning workout or enjoying a few drinks in a healthier way, find out which better choices greatists everywhere are making — and inspire others with your own!

Are you a greatist? Use the #imagreatist hash tag to tell us about it and start inspiring hundreds of thousands of others today!

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