Ready for some Friday R and R? This week we have a tropical fruit with super-healthy powers, why alcohol and exercise don't mix, and tips on how to power nap like a pro.

Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

Ready for some Friday R and R? Catch up on the latest and Greatist in fitness, health, and happiness with our weekly roundup of our most popular articles this week:

Photo by Caitlin Covington

Superfood: Guava
The sweet and sour guava fruit is the perfect natural substitute for Sour Patch Kids — but with health benefits galore.

Why Alcohol and Exercise Don't Mix
Sip on this: Alcohol can really get in the way of playing an A-game. So perhaps it’s time to find another way to calm those nerves before the big game and celebrate a win when it’s all said and done.

How to Power Nap Like a Pro
Take a power nap to say goodbye to that midday lull, boost productivity, and avoid some serious health risks.

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