Ready for some Friday R&R? This week we have a list of the best health and fitness apps, your guide to picking the best spring produce, and whether or not fortified foods are worth it.

Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

Ready for some Friday R&R? Catch up on the latest and Greatist in fitness, health, and happiness with our weekly roundup of our most popular articles this week:

The 63 Best Health & Fitness Apps
From video instructions on pigeon pose to cookbooks for the dairy-free diet, these 63 apps help users achieve health and fitness anytime, anywhere.

Spring Produce: Your Guide to Picking the Best
Spring brings all these delicious fruits and vegetables, but what are they exactly? We rounded up some of the healthiest spring produce and tips for how to pick it, store it, and use it.

Are Fortified Foods Worth It?
From A to Zinc and everywhere in between, supermarket shelves are filled with foods bursting with added vitamins and nutrients. But is it all really necessary?

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