Summer is hot. But this one is, like, hot hot. Those kinds of sweltering, mercury-busting July days are fun to spend by the pool or out on the beach but for those of us who can't take a daily dip, it's nice to know that at least someone is cooling off. We searched the web to find 19 pictures of people cooling off. Even if the thermometer is melting, let these pics be a breath of fresh (and cold!) air.

1. Hose Off

Photo by James Nord

2. Grab an Ice Pop

Photo: Scorpions and Centaurs

3. Find a Kiddy Pool

Photo: boxercab

4. Run Through a Sprinkler

Photo: gfpeck

5. Find a Fan

Photo: -Snugg-

6. Chill by the Pool

Photo by Julien Haler

7. Sip From a Fountain

Photo by Wayan Vota

8. Find a Cool Spot (If You Can Fit)

Photo by Andrew Teman

9. Go to a Waterpark

Photo: Morning Calm News

10. Take a Cold Bath (Wherever You Can)

Photo: pmarkham

11. Take an Elephant Shower

Photo by Vanessa Stephen

12. Nom on Some Ice Cream

Photo: beardenb

13. Check into an Ice Hotel

Photo: Melolou

14. Pop a Fire Hydrant

Photo: rustytanton

15. Eat Some Delicious Watermelon (but maybe not from this truck)

Photo: wsdot

16. Use a Spray Bottle for a Cooling Mist

Photo by Jennuine Captures

17. Snack on Some Shaved Ice

Photo by Sean Loyless

18. Jump in an Ice Bath

Photo: auntjojo

19. Or, Take a Bath Surrounded by Ice

Photo: kruemi

How do you stay cool when summer heat hits? Let us know in the comments below.

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