This month, we've got some fun new types of GWODs from Joe Vennare and company over at Hybrid Athlete and Race Day Domination. If you're new to circuits like these, feel free to take them slow at first and/or scale back the number of movements (for example, instead of completing 20 squats per round, try 15 or 10 if you're unsure).

Most importantly, have fun! These are meant to be challenging, but not impossible.

2 Days Per Week:

After warming up, complete 250 Step-ups (both feet up = 1 rep) for time.
(Note: This should be very challenging, but we advise beginners to scale accordingly and do fewer reps — 100 is a good goal even for the very fit. You'll see this again in the near future, so completing with fewer reps today will allow you to track progress later on.)

Rest 3-4 minutes, then 3 rounds for time of:

Knee-to-elbow/bicycles (each leg)
6 Alternating lunge (each leg)
12 Dumbbell half-moon

Rest 3-4 minutes, then 3 rounds for time of:

Plank holds for 30-60 seconds
Plank hold right side for 30 seconds
Plank hold left side for 30 seconds
25 Situps

3 Days Per Week:


4 Days Per Week:

5 rounds for time of:

5 Box jump
10 Split squat (each leg — get into a lunge position, lunge until the back knee grazes the ground, return to the top of the lunge position, and repeat 10 times on one side without bringing the feet back together)
15 Triceps bench dip
20 Superman back extension

Rest 3-4 minutes, then 3 rounds for time of:

10 Bird dog each side
10 Dumbbell half-moon

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