Hey, GWOD-ers, welcome to the new cycle of GWODs! This fun, strength-based cycle is programmed by Rog Law and Nia Shanks, two of the best and brightest in the training game. Got questions? Email us at gwod [at] greatist.com!

For a warm-up, we recommend a few minutes of foam rolling followed by:

Wall Ankle Mobilization: 8 reps per leg 
Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization: 8 reps per leg 
Scapular Wall Slides: 10 reps 
Split Stance Adductor Mobilization: 8 reps per leg 
Quadruped Extension-Rotation: 8 reps per side 
Supine Bridge: 10 reps 
Pullback Buttkicks: 5 reps per leg 
High Knee Walk: 5 reps per leg

2 days/week:

A) Barbell Deadlift (Trap Bar works as well) – 4 x 5

B1) Barbell Bench Press – 3 x 5
B2) Dumbbell Reverse Lunge – 3 x 6-8 each leg

C1) 1 Arm Dumbbell Floor Press – 2 x 12-15 each arm 
C2) Lat Pulldown – Overhand Grip – 2 x 10

D1) 1 Arm Dumbbell Row – 2 x 12-15 each arm
D2) Stability Ball Pot Stirs – 2 x 30-45 sec

E) Single Arm Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings – 2 x 15-30 sec each arm

3 days/week:

A1) Barbell Deadlift (Trap Bar works as well) – 4 x 5
A2) Spidermams with rotation – 3 x 5 each side 

B1) Standing Barbell Overhead Press – 3 x 6-8, 1x10
B2) 1 Arm Dumbbell Row – 2 x 6-8 each, 2 x 10-12

C1) Dumbbell Goblet Squat – 3 x 12-15
C2) Stability Ball Plank – 3 x 30-45 sec

4 days/week:

A) Deadlift (Rack Pull or Trap Bar) – 4x5

B1) Single Leg RDL – 4x10
B2) Goblet Squat – 4x10

C) Ab Wheel Rollouts (can also be done with a barbell as seen here)

Enjoy your GWOD? Why not track your workout?! Below are two great tracking options:

Track on with just one click on WeightTraining.com, and check out their Greatist community group2 day program | 3 day program | 4 day program

Track on Fitocracy.com and post about your awesomeness on the Greatist Group!

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