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This week is all about high intensity interval training.

The key to HIIT training that makes it different than basic intervals is that the high intensity intervals involve maximum effort, not just a higher heart rate —  So you really have to push yourself to the max during the work portion! My absolute favorite type of HIIT is Tabata Training.

A Tabata workout consists of eight cycles of 20 seconds of all-out effort, followed by 10 seconds of recovery, totaling 4 minutes. During the 20-seconds of work, try for as many reps as you can do without compromising form or range of motion. Take 1 minute of rest between each 4 minute Tabata. With the warm-up and cool-down, each workout is less than 30 minutes long. A lot of the exercises are taken from our most popular bodyweight exercise articles, 50 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere and 35 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises.

It helps to have a timer to be accurate with the intervals.  I use the Tabata Pro App on my iPhone or iPad.  For $2.99, it’s been worth the money. 



  1. Stair Climb Bicep Curl (use dumbbells, heavy objects, or a resistance band) (#5 on our list of bodyweight exercises)
  2. Invisible Jump Rope - (#18 on  our list of bodyweight cardio moves)
  3. Clock lunges   (#13 on  BodyWeight Exercises)
  4. Down Dog Pushups (Divers Pushups)    (#19 on bodyweight Cardio)
  5. Stair Climb Bicep Curl (use dumbbells, heavy objects or a resistance band)   (#5 on our list of bodyweight exercises)
  6. Invisible Jump Rope - (#18 on  bodyweight cardio)
  7. Clock lunges  (#13 on  bodyweight exercises)
  8. Down Dog Pushups (Divers Pushups)    (#19 on bodyweight cardio)

Rest for one minute and repeat the whole Tabata. Then, move on to Tabata B.


  1. Frog jumps  (#28 on bodyweight cardio)
  2. Foot Fire   (#8 on bodyweight cardio)
  3. Lateral Step Overs  (#20 on bodyweight cardio)
  4. Dynamic Prone Plank (#40 on bodyweight exercises)
  5. Frog jumps  (#28 on bodyweight cardio)
  6. Foot Fire   (#8 on bodyweight cardio)
  7. Lateral Step Overs  (#20 on bodyweight cardio)
  8. Dynamic Prone Plank (#40 on bodyweight exercises)

Rest for one minute and repeat the whole Tabata. 

Cool down and stretch.

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