Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are GWODs a structured fitness program? Or, can I start them any time or do them every once in a while?
A: All of the above! GWODs are designed to be super versatile so they can be used as a structured training program, as regular cross-training, or even as a one-off workout to use while you’re traveling or stuck indoors. If you’re using GWODs as your structured, ongoing training program, be sure to record the results of your workouts so that as you progress, you can re-do workouts and compare results.

Q: Who are GWODs for?
A: Everyone! You, your friends and workout buddies, your super fit co-worker, your never-worked-out-a-day-in-his-life dad, your over-scheduled cousin who only has 25 minutes a day to exercise… you get the idea. Expert trainers design GWODs to provide a kickass workout for everyone, from exercise newbies to the most fit among us. Every GWOD can be scaled to be easier or more challenging.

Q: Should I warm up?
A: We think so! A proper warm-up is the best way to get your body ready to work. Plus, warming up helps prevent injury, promotes flexibility, and aids post-workout recovery. The Greatist Full-Body Warm-Up designed by Bodeefit makes workout prep a no-brainer. Check it out and you’ll be ready to sweat in no time!

Q: What if I can’t do one of the exercises listed?
Bodeefit’s library of movements offers ways to scale almost any movement for any fitness level. You can also substitute an exercise you’re unable to do for another movement.

Q: How long do GWODs take?
A: Some GWODs are super quick—like an 8-minute Tabata workout, for example. Longer GWODs could take up to 30 minutes, but from warm-up to cool-down, your workout won’t take more than 45 minutes.

Q: What kind of equipment, space, or fitness setup do I need to do GWODs?
A: GWODs are designed to be done almost anywhere. They require just your bodyweight and enough space to perform the movements. You can make the exercises more challenging by incorporating dumbbells or other free weights, but no equipment is required.

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