Guest Post

Marathons are hard, but how you prepare the morning of your race is just as important as the run itself. Here, running coach Jason Fitzgerald shares his top tips for performing your best.

What Meditation Isn't
Does meditation really work for everyone? Are some people just not wired for it? Here's the real deal on the most common misconceptions from mindfulness meditation coach Louise Jensen.
Autoimmune Diseases and Young Adults
Dr. Bonnie Feldman breaks down the causes, symptoms, and challenges involved in diagnosing autoimmune diseases and obliterates the myth that young adults are immune to these life-altering disorders.
Male Body Image Disorders
By focusing all of our attention on the media, we may fail to understand the nuance and complexity of these very serious disorders. Brian Cuban, who has recovered from a 27-year battle with eating and body dysmorphic disorders, explains why.
How to Banish Work Stress
Anyone who's ever held any kind of job, ever, knows that work can be stressful. Our writer breaks down the mental myths that are keeping us stressed and shares a series of simple action steps for staying mindful—and calm—on the job.

Entrepreneur and former collegiate gymnastics champion Jason Shen had a less-than-awesome experience running his first marathon. Find out what went wrong and how we can all learn from his rocky road to the finish line.


Renowned strength coach Dan John examines our conceptions of health & fitness. Enjoy this article, adapted from his upcoming book and available exclusively on Greatist.

COLUMN: In the second of a series of columns on relationships, psychiatrist Dr. Mark Banschick explains the fear of commitment and provides tips for building mutually fulfilling relationships.

Calorie Counts
GUEST POST: Physician and obesity specialist Dr. Yoni Freedhoff is no stranger to the controversies surrounding modern nutrition. Find out why he still cares about calories — and how counting can help people take control of their relationship with food.

GUEST POST: Fitness entrepreneur gives his thoughts on why the healthcare system is coming up short in battling obesity — and how the Internet can help.

GUEST POST: Ironman triathlete Jennifer Ward Barber talks about her struggle with body image and how becoming an athlete helped her look beyond the scale.
GUEST POST: One artist shares her experience using painting as a way to understand and tackle deep-seated emotional conflicts. Now she helps others find strength in their own creative voice.