Greatist lingo for "hobby," Grobbies are sports and fitness activities with an emphasis on fun. From belly dancing and Zumba to kayaking and Krav Maga, the possibilities are endless. Find out more about Grobbies here:

In honor of Super Bowl XLVI, Greatist invites readers to get active and play a friendly game of flag football. It's a spin-off of the traditional American sport that is just as fun, with no tackling required!

Looking for a great winter workout? Then give snowshoeing a try— it’s safe, easy to learn, and a great way to enjoy the snowy season.

Get acquainted with Salsa, a Latin dance that generates heat both in the body and on the dance floor.

Get down with upbeat music and explosive dance moves. Bhangra offers a break from the standard dancercise fare— not to mention a major sweat session.

Hit the heavy bag and train like Rocky (without the raw eggs) with this week's Grobby.

Once used by Hawaiian chiefs to stay in top form, surfing is a sport suited for anyone who wants to get fit while hanging ten.


Pink Floyd has a bike and, thanks to this week’s grobby (Greatist lingo for hobby), you c

Kick outside the box and try a new kind of total body workout.

Bust a move and burn some calories with Zumba, a full-body workout powered by passionate Latin beats.

To shake up a boring gym routine, trapeze classes offer a full-body cardio and strength workout.

Jab and kick to fitness with Krav Maga, a combative workout using self-defense techniques and some kick-butt moves.

This adventure sport isn’t all action movie-style, death-defying ascents. It’s also a fun change from the typical gym workout and totally beginner accessible.