Greatist Lingo

Greatist (noun): Someone who practices, works toward, and believes in being great and helping others be great as well.

Example: The bartender is a Greatist because he keeps serving us heart healthy beers!

Grobby (noun): A Greatist hobby. These are all the fun ways Team Greatist loves to do to stay fit. Learn what it is and why we love it!

Example: I was so prepared to take my first Bikram yoga class after it was a Greatist grobby.

Gractivity (noun): A Greatist activity. The FHH (fitness, health, happiness) activities Team Greatist do together every week. It’s basically fit family time.

Example: Team Greatist tackled a tabata workout as last week’s gractivity.

TL;DR (adjective): Short for, too long, didn’t read (shout-out to reddit for making it popular). Just because you’re busy bouncing between working, hitting the gym and cooking a super healthy dinner (all before happy hour ends), doesn’t mean you should miss out on the latest and greatist. You’ll find the TL;DR on the bottom of our NEWS articles which sums everything up (just be sure to read the rest of the article when you have time).

Being a G (adjective): Being a G(reatist) is about the art of becoming great by making at least one healthier decision per week.

Example: See that kid in line ordering brown rice instead of white? He’s being a G!

Holy Gr-amoly (ajd): A way to emphasize how cool something you read on the Greatist website was!

Example: Did you know tart cherry juice helps reduce muscle soreness? Holy Gr-amoly that’s awesome news!

Superfood (adj): These are food all-stars which get the Greatist stamp of approval in terms of nutritional bang-for-your-buck. It’s like getting a gold star for being awesome. Awesomely delicious.

Example: Because strawberries are low-calorie, high in antioxidants and play a role in reducing bad LDL cholesterol, they are a grocery market superfood!

Dangerfood (adj): Watch out! These foods aren’t as healthy as you might thing and we’re calling their supposedly healthy bluff.

Example: That frozen yogurt won’t do your waistline any favors. Word around the block is it’s a major dangerfood.

The Greatist Team (Ever) Blog (noun): Wonder what we’re up to throughout the day? From hip hop dance routines to too-hot-for-publication headline ideas and what’s cooking (literally), we’re posting our innermost thoughts on our team tumblr.

Example: Did you see the workout Greatist team did last Sunday? Check out The Greatist Team (Ever) Blog for the sweaty details.

#Greatist (whatever you want it to be): Basically this is the hashtag of awesomeness. Did you run an extra mile today? That’s #Greatist. Did you swap soda for water? Yep, that’s #Greatist too! Use this on hashtag on Twitter to alert us to your awesome accomplishments!

Example: Today we took a power nap. It was the #Greatist.

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