Greatist Challenge

Renew Year Tuesday
Weight machines are awesome, but today's Renew Year challenge is about trying something even more awesome. Do you feel the burn yet?
Renew Year Wednesday
Fear your inbox no more. Today's Renew Year challenge is all about a simple click that can drastically improve your day.
Renew Year Tuesday
Today's Renew Year challenge is all about stepping away from public transit and using a nifty tool instead. (Hint: It's part of your body.)
Renew Year Monday
Start your week off strong by stepping away from the chip bag and trying today's Renew Year Challenge instead.
Renew Year Sunday
Today's Renew Year challenge is going to make you want to la la. And smile, a lot.
Renew Year Saturday
Don't ask how we fit Buddy the Elf into today's Renew Year challenge, but we did, and we promise you'll like it. (After you're finished, anyway.)


Renew Year Friday
Happy Friday! End the workweek strong with today's Renew Year task.

Kelly Fitzpatrick reflects on week 5 of her Greatist Challenge.

Renew Year Tuesday
Give your workout an extra boost with today's Renew Year challenge.
In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, Greatist is launching a series of daily activity challenges that are good for your health. Prizes and surprises included!
Renew Year Saturday
Spice up your normal weekend routine with today's Renew Year challenge!

Kelly Fitzpatrick reflects on her month-long challenge to eat healthy on a budget.