How to Run Your Best 5K Ever
Want to run a 5K, but not sure where to start? Here's your go-to guide to run that perfect first race!
The 65 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2014
Mobile apps continue to revolutionize the ways we run faster, get stronger, sleep more, feel calmer, and eat better. From the fun and zany (zombies!) to the scientific (food allergies!), here are the top 65 in health and fitness. Best yet: Most of them are free.
Morning Run
Join us for a five-day celebration of all things running. We don't want to give too much away, but here's just enough to pique your interest (Spoiler alert! It's going to be freakin' awesome!).
Have you considered becoming a personal trainer? Tune in with @greatist on Twitter at 5p.m. EST Tuesday, March 25 to get all your questions answered by an expert who's been through it all before. Hope to see you there!
Too much of a good thing can, well, not be so good. Here's how one of Greatist's very own was able to stop running away from her emotions and start learning to heal.
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A new study found two minutes of sprinting revs up the metabolism as much as 30 minutes of endurance exercise. So should we all swap the long runs for some sprints?

Last weekend, The Greatist Team added some color to the day at The Color Run NYC. See how we did at the so-called “happiest 5K on the planet.”

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Yahoo! presents "The Flip Side," a video parodying what gyms would be like if fit-focused men and women traded their stereotypical roles.

No one thinks about sports injuries — until they get one. In today’s Greatist Podcast, you’ll hear from Greatist Expert Eugene “Bo” Babenko on the tips and tricks you need to enjoy your favorite activities without hurting yourself.