Heaven knows why we choose to eat the worst food possible on Super Bowl Sunday, but if you're looking to have a cheat day, Kristen Bell recommends going the whole nine yards.

Super Bowl Sunday is Almost Definitely Going to Be a Cheat Day

Maybe the worst part of Super Bowl Sunday is "Oh-no-why-did-I-eat-so-many-nachos" Monday. Well, Greatist is all about making better choices to eat, live, and be healthier every day. Whether or not you enjoyed those healthier Super Bowl snacks, we also understand that cheat days are ok. Fortunately, actress and health-nut Kristen Bell is in our camp with some comforting eating advice for the big game.

super bowl sunday
"I find it almost comforting to count calories, because it makes me conscious of what I'm eating. But on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought, 'Surrender to it. It's nacho time.' Then I ate nothing but Doritos all day."

Kristen Bell, actress, activist, and Doritos fiend

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Photo by Elvert Barnes

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