Olympic swimmer, television host, activist, and mom, Summer Sanders is constantly on the move, using healthier choices to pave the way. Read on to see what her winning routine looks like on any given day.

Healthier Choices: Summer Sanders' Daily Routine

Four Olympic medals may have cemented her spot in swimming history, but Summer Sanders has only begun to make a splash. After retiring from swimming post-Barcelona Games in '92, Sanders moved on to television, hosting Nickelodeon's Figure It Out (yes, the show that slimed contestants!) and NBA Inside Stuff. Today, as a health and fitness advocate, Sanders is dedicated to helping people make "easy choices for a better life" (such a greatist, right?). After running the Nike Women’s Marathon for Team Safeway, Greatist caught up with Summer to talk perfect workouts, milkshakes, and being an active mom and role model.

My Greatist Routine - Summer Sanders

To learn more about Summer, visit www.summersanders.net, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter for updates on life, family, and training for the 2013 Boston Marathon (next up on the bucket list!).

Are you a greatist, too? Tell us about your #imagreatist routine in the comments below.

Photo Courtesy of Safeway; Design by Bob Al-Greene.

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