Longtime NFL running back Reggie Bush stays game-ready on and off the field by making healthier choices every day. Read on for a sneak peek into his day-to-day routine (hint: there are pancakes involved).

Healthier Choices: Reggie Bush’s Daily Routine

My Greatist Routine asks fitness, health, and happiness all-stars how they stay on top of their game. Find the complete series here.

From the University of Southern California to the New Orleans Saints to the Miami Dolphins, star running back Reggie Bush has been in the game for nearly 10 years. This two-time All-American, 2008 All-Pro, and Superbowl Champion hasn’t stopped hustling since his freshman year at USC.

Bush stays just as busy outside the end zone, too. When not rushing yards, he donates his time to charities like the Make a Wish Foundation, the United Nations World Food Programme, and NFL Play 60, an initiative to encourage kids to stay active. Keeping Americans healthy and active is important to Bush; he recently teamed with Vstrator to launch a fitness app that provides people with training tips and routines straight from the NFL.

Off the field, this NFL star kicks back by playing video games, spinning records, and eating well. Greatist recently caught up with Bush to talk ideal workouts, cheat meals (pancakes never fail!), and what keeps him going when the going gets tough.

My Greatist Routine - Reggie Bush

To keep up with Reggie, visit ReggieBush.com or follow him on Facebook or Twitter at @reggie_bush. Are you a greatist, too? Tell us about your #imagreatist routine in the comments below.

Photo: Scott Cunningham / Getty Images North America; Design by Bob Al-Greene.

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