Ready for some Friday R&R? This week we have how to pick the right athletic socks, the 25 healthiest colleges in the U.S., and why monogamy might actually be a healthier choice.

Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

Ready for some Friday R&R? Catch up on the latest and Greatist in fitness, health, and happiness with our weekly roundup of our most popular articles this week:

Pick the Right Athletic Socks, A Case Against Cotton
Don’t skimp out on good socks — they may be more important than we think to steer clear of injury and perform at our best.

25 Healthiest Colleges in the U.S.
Getting in the mood for some higher education? Academics and student life are important, sure, but don’t head off without checking our list of the healthiest colleges in the U.S.

Why Monogamy Might Be Good For Your Health
Turns out monogamy is uncommon in most human cultures around the world. So what are the benefits to bonding with just one babe?

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