What does it mean to be a greatist? We asked Tara Stiles, owner of Strala Yoga in NYC and author of two yoga books and multiple fitness DVDs. Read on for a look inside her day-to-day routine.

My Greatist Routine: Tara Stiles

My Greatist Routine asks fitness, health, and happiness all-stars how they stay on top of their game. Find the complete series here.

After a modeling gig had her doing promotional yoga videos on YouTube, Tara stiles fell in love with the practice so hard she made it her career. Since opening Strala Yoga in New York City in 2008, she's authored two books (SlimCalmSexy and Yoga Cures) and just released her newest yoga DVD, This Is Yoga. This down to earth nerd at heart is taking the fitness world by storm. Here's why she's a greatist.

For more inspiration from Tara, check out her website, Strala Yoga, and her food blog, Tara Stiles Eats. Feel like down-dogging along with her? Check out her awesome YouTube channel. And to keep up daily, follow her on Twitter at @TaraStiles.

Are you a greatist, too? Tell us about your #imagreatist routine in the comments below!

Photo by Thomas Hoeffgen; Design by Bob Al-Greene

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