In this week’s Greatist Deal, we have the highest-quality portable form roller from Trigger Point Performance Therapy — the perfect solution to muscle pain and stiffness.

Greatist Deal: The Best Foam Roller

If your muscles have ever been demolished by a killer workout, chances are you've at least heard about foam rolling — one of the best ways to loosen up muscles and help prevent injuries without the help of a professional. At Greatist, we're enthusiastic believers in foam rolling, and it's a favorite of ours for a little R n' R after a tough day at the gym. We wanted you to have the same experience, so we found the best foam roller out there at an awesome price just for you: Trigger Point Performance Therapy's "The Grid."

The Grid has a unique design that provides a better, targeted massage. Plus, it looks super sleek — important, since we all admit foam rolling can look pretty silly. It's just 13 inches long and ultra-light, making it perfectly portable. In fact, our founder Derek even regularly fits it in his carry-on while traveling (yep, you can even foam roll on vacation!). It's also made with less foam (eco-friendly!) and a hollow core to prevent breakdown over time. It's basically all-around killer — the absolute best we've found.

So for runners, yogis, lifters, and just about any other active person, it's the perfect upgrade from that old, bulky roller, or the perfect chance to jump on the foam rollin' wagon. The best part? We're offering it at a 20% discount: $32!

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