The Moscow public transport system has an amazing new policy to get people excited for the February Olympics: free tickets for anyone willing to do a little exercise.

Give Me 30! Free Subway Tickets for Commuters Who Work Out

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As the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia approach the February kick off, Moscow has installed an exercise-powered machine to get the city excited about the upcoming fitness festivities. The new fare to ride the subway? 30 squats. According to the video's text, the Russian Olympic Committee is trying to encourage a "healthy passion for sport" and "joy from being active," and this ticket box is just one of many exercise-focused initiatives the Olympic Committee has installed in the city: They’ve also turned bus handles into resistance bands and put cellphone-charging stationary bicycles around the city. Combining function and fitness? That’s our kind of workout!

Thanks to Elena Evlachkov for her help with the translation.

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