We've found one of the most enthusiastic, dangerous, ridiculous gym-goers East of Long Island. Check out his insane routine as he uses gym equipment in revolutionary ways.

The Most Dangerous/ Enthusiastic Dude at the Gym

This guy has no shame. He dangles from fitness equipment in ways never considered (or probably attempted) before. All those snappy moves — air punches and tailspins included — really freshen up the regular old stuff the rest of the guys are sticking to. It's also a little dangerous (wait for 0:42 when piece of the machine actually snaps off).

On a serious fitness note, this unnamed gym-goer leaves little to no rest time between exercises and undoubtedly keeps his heart rate up. So much so, that he feels obligated to whip off his shirt before he break dances right there on the gym floor.

The guy undeniably has Boogey Fever with moves that rival Travolta (okay, it’s true, he does kind of look like he’s kicking off a tangled mess of cobwebs from his feet at about 0:30). Yeah he knocks stuff down, but it doesn’t faze him. Nor does the potential for whiplash. When his pants get in the way. What does he do? He shows a little leg.

Granted, the "work out" looks totally bonkers but we have to give him some props for getting fit (probably) in his own way. As long as he’s not hurting himself or passersby, then who are we to judge? Though his form is less then customary, it’s clear that he’s still working up quite the sweat.

You do you, sir.

What’s the most wild gym routine you’ve ever witnessed? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet the author @nicmcdermott.

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