As your relatable fitness, health, and happiness guide, we’re striving to bring our readers awesome content on a daily basis. And every weekend, we want to share the love with others who are writing some kick-ass content in the wellness world:

Fitness: Exercise Can Help Your Finances: The Psychology — LearnVest

The more you work out in the morning, the less you swipe the credit card? Read more about how habits can make all types of healthier choices easier.

Health: New Insights Into Brain Freezes — The Washington Post

The only downside to ice cream. Find out what’s actually happening when we feel that uncomfortable pain in the brain.

Happiness: Talking To Yourself May Boost Brain Power — The Body Odd

Okay, so we may still be crazy, but at least we’re smart too...

Blog Spotlight: Popsicles — Design Crush

Need a Popsicle idea for summer? Try 25, ranging from cereal and milk pops to ones with a little booze in the mix!

Grab Bag: What Caffeine Actually Does To The Brain — Life Hacker

Nope, coffee doesn’t actually pull your eyelids wide. Found out what is really happening when that mug (or four) hits the lips.


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