By now you've probably heard of the Whole30. You remember that one time your coworker wasn't drinking at happy hour (gasp!) because he was on day 11. Then there was a random Tuesday morning when your friend tagged Whole30 on her chicken-sausage-avocado-kale-egg-scramble Instagram post. And last week it was pretty annoying when you went to dinner with your brother, and he asked the waiter a hundred questions about how his food was prepared. You rolled your eyes, but it made you curious. What's this Whole30 diet all about, anyway? 

We're sharing everything we've learned about the Whole30 (some of these tips come directly from co-founder Melissa Hartwig herself), plus more than 100 recipes. So if you feel like trying out a clean-eating plan that makes you feel good but still lets you eat awesome food (that's right, no liquid diets here), we think you'll like what the Whole30 has to offer. 

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