In a list of the best diets out there, Paleo has been ranked last. Which raises the question: How is anyone qualified to rank diets?
A new CNN poll finds that more than half of us knowingly overindulge during the holidays and opt out of diet trends after we ring in the new year. Take our poll to let us know how you tackled holiday feasting.
There has never been a more misunderstood nutrient than poor old saturated fat, but it’s essential for a clean liver, a strong immune system, and — seriously — a healthy heart. No, we’re not crazy!
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We consume too much sugar, too much cheese, and too much food in general. It’s easy to blame the oversized portions at restaurants, but maybe we should figure out why we’re so inclined to overeat in the first place.
The alkaline diet cuts back on some protein, grains, and dairy. Is it a healthier way of eating or just another fad?
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Greatist’s health editor talks to the famous South Beach Diet doctor about his new book and the biggest buzzword in food these days: gluten.


With apps and fancy gadgets, or just a pen and paper, self-tracking our health has become a spreading phenomenon. From stress levels to blood draws, Greatist take a deeper look at the Quantified Self Movement.

We find out what Healthy Weight Week is all about, and why it matters.

Want to get rid of some extra pounds? We’ve pinpointed the most effective ways to say farewell to excess body fat.

The Biggest Loser may tell us to work out and shed the pounds but new research suggests we burn pretty much the same number of calories whether we exercise or not.

Proponents of “clean eating” stick to whole foods and avoid processed items. Take a leaf out of this diet by upping your fruits and veggies and skipping over-processed items at the grocery store.

Staff Writer Kelly Fitzpatrick takes a personal look into the world of health and fitness in relationships. This week, she talks to Marnina Cowan and Seth Coburn, food bloggers with some big dietary restrictions.