Dangerfoods: They're supposedly awesome, healthy eats, but they may not really be as good as we think. Dangerfoods, like granola bars and breakfast cereal, are wannabe healthy options (and often though as such!) which have unexpected downsides that could actually make them pretty bad for us. Sometimes, it's just a matter of eating too much or of serving size. Sure, one serving of peanut butter (2 tablespoons, typically), isn't so bad, but when one sandwich can be packed with double or even <em>triple</em> that amount, there can be some serious problems! Learn more about dangerfoods (and how to avoid them) here:

The health world is crazy for soy, but according to research soy might not be crazy healthy.

Those deliciously thin and crispy crackers can be totally addicting. But these supposedly “healthy” snacks can have a dangerous side, too — they’re often packed with trans fats, artificial flavors and colors, and a whole lot of sodium.

Sports lovers and camping enthusiasts may be huge fans of beef jerky, but let’s take a closer look: the tough stuff is high in calories and sodium, and may even contain carcinogens.

Want to beat the muffin top? Stay away from bran muffins. These seemingly healthy carbohydrates can pack in hundreds of calories per serving.

In the case of condiments, a little can go a long way. A squirt of ketchup or a smear of mayo may not seem like a health hazard, but many of them can actually pack a negative nutritional punch.

While this fizzy drink may seem like a better option than soda, it's actually just as bad. Find out what else is lurking in this "water."


It may be part of a “complete and balanced breakfast” (cue commercial), but that doesn’t make a heaping bowl of the sweeter stuff a healthy meal all on its own.

Are potatoes public enemy number one, or poor misunderstood spuds with good intentions? Packed with nutrients, but also loaded with sugar spiking carbs, potatoes can be friend or foe depending on how they are prepared.

Attention, dangerfood devourers: Step away from the pantry. These 19 foods might seem healthy, but look under the hood and there may be a different story.

It looks harmless enough— especially slapped on some bread with some grape jelly. But here’s why peanut butter has made the Greatist dangerfood list.

You already know that daily Starbucks habit is bad news for the bank account, but it may have negative effects on health, too.

Ingredients like caramel, chocolate, and marshmallows may be must-haves in candy, but these sugary, high fat ingredients have found a new place to hang out. It’s time to take a closer look at that granola bar wrapper.