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Greatist is your trusted resource for all things fitness, health, and happiness. Our incredibly friendly, hardworking team believes there's no one path to making better choices, and many of the best ideas come from our (equally friendly and hardworking) readers. Our commenting guidelines seek to promote constructive, open discussion on the site:

  1. Be respectful, especially of differing opinions. Your grandmother would be proud.
  2. Constructive criticism is applauded, but personal attacks and mean-spirited comments will not be tolerated (your grandmother would not be proud).
  3. Don't comment purely for promotional purposes. All comments should add additional value specifically related to the article topic. This isn't a forum to promote other sites and resources.
  4. Stay on topic, please! Not the topic you want to talk about? Betcha we've got it somewhere on the site!

Greatist’s editorial team reserves the right to delete any comments we feel don't fit the above guidelines. Commenters who violate these guidelines may be blocked from commenting on the site (womp womp). For inspiration, motivation, or other concerns, please contact us at arealperson [at]

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