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Generally considered a guilty pleasure, chocolate has been studied by health experts across the world as they search for its benefits and downfalls. Can chocolate actually be good for you? Is there such a thing as healthy chocolate? Is there any possible way to succeed at living healthy with chocolate in your daily diet?

Well, my friend, let’s set the record straight. The answers to all of those questions? Yes, yes, and thank goodness yes! Bear in mind that healthy chocolate is considered to be dark chocolate with 70% or more cacao. A higher percentage of actual chocolate means a lower percentage of unhealthy additives, like sugar and butter.

Chocolate is packed full of antioxidants, which prevent damage to the body and help it fight off free radicals, which can turn into disease or sickness. Certain chocolates also have a high amount of flavonoids, which protect blood vessels from rupture, protect cells, and prevent inflammation. Chocolate also offers cardiovascular benefits, can contribute to weight loss (when eaten in moderation in place of other sweets), can help reduce insulin resistance, is proven to reduce stress, can help you become less prone to sunburn (high-flavonoid chocolates specifically), increase your brain power for years to come, bring about relief from a cough, and even help stop diarrhea! Now if that isn’t a superfood, I don’t know what is!

Now we all know there are countless chocolate recipes that are absolutely horrible for you, but here at Greatist, we believe in making one good choice at a time, so we’re not willing to completely scratch chocolate recipes off our lists. Instead, we opt for healthy chocolate recipes that substitute dark chocolate for milk chocolate, applesauce for vegetable oil, and coconut flour for white flour. To become even better at being a greatist, embrace healthy chocolate, explore new healthy chocolate recipes, and get your healthy on with style!


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