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Chicken is one of the most versatile and most commonly cooked meats in the US. From chicken breasts to chicken thighs to chicken wings, Americans eat about 60 pounds of chicken per year! Chicken has finally bypassed beef in the race for America’s favorite meat (it took 100 years!), and its versatility makes it an easy favorite for home cooks, executive chefs, and aspiring health nuts alike. The availability of chicken is soaring, the health benefits are numerous, and the various possibilities for healthy chicken recipes are absolutely unending.

No matter what part of the chicken you prefer and no matter your experience in the kitchen, we can help you discover healthy chicken recipes for any occasion and with a variety of ingredients. Check out our chicken breast recipes with 60 ways to spice it up, or discover some easy chicken recipes to make in less than 30 minutes. If you’re in the mood for a tender chicken thigh, our recipes can show you the way to prepare a delicious meal in no time flat.

At Greatist, we want to provide you with the easiest route to healthy choices and a better life, so we’ve written and compiled various articles and chicken recipes for you to explore all in one place. Regardless of if you’re looking for chicken breast recipes, chicken thigh recipes, or just a way to prepare healthy chicken for dinner, we’ve got you covered. Our experts have experience in the kitchen and with making healthy choices, and they will help you take one step after another towards better health and better choices. Remember that making small changes, like preparing a healthy chicken recipe, can make a big difference in your becoming your best!

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