Cheat Day

Cheat days refer to days when an individual takes a break from their normal eating and/or exercise regime. At Greatist, Cheat Day may also refer to a series of articles published on Saturday that often differ from our normal content. Find out more about Cheat Days here:

Bodybuilder Phil Heath is a big deal (he's also really, really big). Find out how he rose to fame, how he talks to free weights to bust through a gym session, and how he pampers himself pre-show.

Heaven knows why we choose to eat the worst food possible on Super Bowl Sunday, but if you're looking to have a cheat day, Kristen Bell recommends going the whole nine yards.

Taxes, relationships, poker, and diets— all things where cheating isn't allowed, right? Maybe not, some experts say cheating a diet is the fastest way to lose weight.

How one afternoon turned me into a trapeze addict.

An irresistible recipe— and an excellent way to use up all that extra rum.

Staff Writer Kelly Fitzpatrick guides us through how to eat healthy without breaking the bank.


I never liked avocados – until, as a vegetarian, I discovered cheese and avocado sandwiches. Now I find ways to use them in everything.

Here at Greatist, we believe in taking a day off.

I don’t do yoga... at least, I didn't until I stumbled across Tara Stiles’ book Calm Slim Sexy Yoga at the library.

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Anyone can make this classic comfort food, perfect for a low-key weekend brunch. French toast never tasted so good!

Here at Greatist, we believe in taking a day off.