We're growing fast and looking for all-stars. We care passionately about our team & company culture— and pride ourselves on our upbeat, positive, inspiring attitude + I-can-do-anything-good, ain't-no-way-they-can-stop-us-now, crush-it spirit. Above all, we want someone amazing who believes in what we're doing (disrupting the health & fitness content world through high-quality, relatable, & entertaining content) & the difference we're making (inspiring the world to make one healthier choice per week), but wants to share that vision and then transform it, taking it to the next level. That and someone who will laugh at this (eventually). Wants to eat this. And wants to try this. And hey, we were even named one of the 15 Best Startups to Work For in America! Sound like you? Then put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it — and check out the open positions below. Most are full-time and based in NYC (the biiig apple) w/ a one-month (paid) trial period. Come change the health & fitness world with us.


  1. Obsess over quality. Greatist is different: We believe people deserve a brand and a business that’s truly on their side. And we know the only way to achieve this is by never compromising the quality of our content, products, message, and anything we put our name on. We don’t compromise those standards — the world deserves better.
  2. Expect greatness. At Greatist, we expect greatness from each other. We recognize the only way an organization can grow and improve is through creativity, dedication, innovation, and hard work. Our motto: Just F***ing Do It. We push ourselves to be the best and we motivate others to do the same.
  3. Trust each other. At Greatist, we’re all on the same team. That’s why we’re transparent, open, and honest about everything we do. We over-communicate and always give each other the benefit of the doubt. We’re all learning, and we're all pushing toward the same ultimate goal: making better choices easier for everyone.
  4. Laugh a lot. Greatist is fun. We value being goofy, spontaneous, and silly. Sometimes we sing aloud. Sometimes in foreign accents. If you’re here, you’re still a kid at heart and believe nothing is crazy: If we want to make an impact on the world, we can.
  5. Be a greatist. We live the life we champion, because Greatist isn’t just a job — it’s a lifestyle. We work to become more fit, healthy, and happy in a relatable and fun way. And, just like our readers, we struggle with challenges along the way. It isn’t easy for us either, but we try our best to make one better choice at a time.


  As #1 says above, we really do live the life we champion. So the "perks" (or, really, "realities") for full time team members include:
  • Every other Friday, the Greatist Team gets together for a sweet fitness activity (past activities have included everything from Krav Maga and Rock Climbing to Barre and Beer Pong.)
  • Everyone gets free gym memberships & going to the gym during the day is outrageously encouraged. Power naps too, if you need 'em.
  • Every day, we provide a healthy lunch included at the office (plus a full kitchen). We've also got mad snacks, from KIND bars and trail mix to apples and bananas.
  • Every few weeks, we attend a class/seminar/training session on something new (from cooking to biology) from top experts in the city.
  • Transportation costs (at least monthly MetroCards) are reimbursed.
  • We pay 100% of your health insurance
  • We hook you up with access to the amazing Sherpaa.
  • You get 1 bad "greatist" pun per day. Then, for every extra one, you've got to add money to our ice cream piggy bank/liquor fund. It's a small price to pay for puns.
  • Your time is yours — there are no set hours. There's no vacation policy either. We know you're going to get what you need done & then some because, if not, why else would you be here?
And that's just for starters! Our job opportunities can be found here: Greatist Jobs Greatist is your trusted resource for all things fitness, health, and happiness. Launched in April 2011, we now reach over 3 million unique visitors per month and that number is climbing fast! We’re working full-speed on disrupting the health & fitness space with what we believe is among the highest-quality content online, covering only what’s genuinely helpful, truly factual, & actually need-to-know. We are currently working on similarly high-quality, simple, and valuable products, tools, and services that will help meet our mission. We believe everyone has a choice to be more fit, healthy, and happy— and together, we want to inspire and inform the world to make one healthier choice a day. We're a small, focused, creative, and talented group of people, but we know we need help to make a real difference in the world. Maybe yours! Almost all positions are based in our offices in New York City near Madison Square Park.


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