Healthy Burger Recipes

Take back your burger recipes! Burgers bring to mind vivid images of sizzling bacon, perfectly cooked patties with just the right amount of cheese—you get the point! While most burger recipes on your list of favorites are best reserved for cheat days, we’ve compiled a few of our more unique, and healthy burger recipes.

Some of these burger recipes are perfect for breaking out the grill, others are an indoor variety with huge flavor profile. Cutting out fat and other unhealthy options shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste!

You’ve heard of turkey burger recipes, what about turkey burger recipes with a Thai flair? Sure veggie burger recipes are delicious, but what about a ‘Chick-Pea’ burger? Don’t settle for bland, try our healthy burger recipes today!

Whether; Boca, turkey or veggie, look below for a great way to shake up your burger recipes—who’s hungry?

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