Get in Shape Using Nothing But Your Own Body

Do you know what one of the greatest exercise machines out there is? You! Seriously, there are tons of bodyweight exercises and workouts that you can do just about anywhere that only require your body. OK, and a bit of motivation too! Getting an awesome workout doesn’t mean you have to invest in fancy and expensive fitness equipment, weights, or a gym membership. Using just your body mass and these sweet bodyweight workout routines, you can easily get in shape, and even get ripped if you want, wherever and whenever you want.

Sometimes the thought of working out seems overwhelming. We know it’s good for us, but with a busy schedule it sometimes feels hard to find the time to exercise, let alone go to a gym or fitness class. What’s cool about bodyweight training is that you can do these exercises at home, in the park, heck, even at work in some cases, and you can they don’t have to take very long. There’s even some great bodyweight exercises that you can do during a commercial break or halftime show that will get your heart pumping, help you burn calories and develop your strength and flexibility. Even if you do enjoy going to the gym, we’ve got plenty of exercises that you can do there too. And all of the bodyweight training programs that you find on Greatist have been expert approved by fitness trainers and gurus, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best bodyweight exercises out there.

So, put aside all of those excuses that we've all muttered about time and money, and get ready to reach, and most likely exceed, your fitness goals.

Get in Shape With Bodyweight Exercises

Whether you’re just looking to move a bit more and increase your flexibility, training for an Iron Man, or anywhere in between, we’ve got tons of bodyweight workout plans to get you started and keep you motivated. In addition to hooking you up with the best bodyweight exercises, we also bring you great tips to help you stay on track to your fitness aspirations. We also have monthly workout challenges as well as daily workout suggestions to help you set goals for your training. And if you’re looking to add muscle or just get a bit stronger, there are tons of bodyweight strength training routines that will get you fit in no time.

All of our bodyweight exercises are supported by the latest fitness research and given the seal of approval by our fitness experts. We’ll help show you how to do each bodyweight workout using the best form and technique to help you avoid injury and get the maximum benefits.

So, it’s time to put that awesome workout machine (you!) to work and start reaching for your fitness goals. Before you know it these bodyweight exercises are going to be a part of your life giving you tons of energy and have you looking and feeling like the boss that you are.

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