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Ashley Graham Is So Over Your Comments About Her Body
Mean Girls Made Fun of This Woman’s Shorts. Her Classy Response Shut Them Down
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Throw Away the Clothes That Don't Fit
This Model Gets Real About Retouching While Undressing on Camera
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Victoria's Secret
Response to Dani Mathers Body Shaming
How Old Were You When You Started Disliking Your Body?
LA's Plus-Size Pool Party Is Proof Anyone Can Slay in a Swimsuit
This Woman Calls Out People Who Tell Her to Lose Weight and Then Make Fun of Her at the Gym
Watching Guys Get Photoshopped Like Women Proves How Ridiculous It Is
In a Win for Women Everywhere, Jennifer Aniston Finally Tells Off Body-Shaming Paparazzi
Kayla Itsines Is Finally Talking About the Big Problem With Her Bikini Body Guides
Jazzmyne Robbins Wears Bikini at the Beach for the First Time
Serena Williams at Wimbeldon
Ashley Graham (Still) Doesn't Give a Damn That People Don't Like Her Thighs
ESPN’s Body Issue Continues to Prove That Athletes Come in All Shapes and Sizes
Victoria's Secret Model
Is It Selling Out When Fat Celebs Get Famous and Lose Weight?
Miss Teen USA
Woman Body Shamed for Wearing Shorts
The Kick-Ass Women in Dove’s New Ad Refuse to Let Beauty Standards Define Them


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